Vision, Mission & Core Values

The Members of the Inventory Institute provide Asset, Content & Structural Inventories, along with many other value added services to Consumers & Businesses in the United States. The areas of inventory focus include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Loss –  Proactive Content & Asset Inventories for Homeowners
  • Pre-Loss –  Proactive Content & Asset Inventories for Businesses
  • Post-Loss – Reactive Content & Asset Inventories for Homeowners
  • Post-Loss – Reactive Content & Asset Inventories for Businesses
  • Disaster & Business Continuity Planning for small to medium sized businesses
  • Disaster Preparedness for Families
  • Consulting Services for Pre & Post Loss Content & Asset Inventories
  • Catastrophic Regional Loss Support for Insurance & Public Adjusters

The Inventory Institute is built on a platform of industry & consumer  awareness and  balance as building blocks for success. The Inventory Institute’s focus is therefore shared between the support of both Consumers & Industry Professionals equally.  As we continue to build the Industry in keeping with this critical balance, the Industry is being shaped and cultivated by members and consumers alike.
Whether you are an Inventory Professional, Consumer, Strategic Partner or Endorsed Product Owner, we invite you to learn more about us by a more thorough understanding of our Mission, Vision & Core Values.


The Inventory Institute is the leader in establishing standardization, recognition & accreditation for the Inventory Industry. We provide a strong foundation for membership growth and success by offering opportunities for industry specific education, sustaining strategic partnerships, marketing & business development while serving as the trusted source for consumers to obtain resources and education.


By 2015, we will be the primary industry source for education, tools, resources, metrics, reports, case studies and knowledge for consumers and inventory professionals alike.

Core Values

Integrity – “Do the right thing”